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Education Beyond - エデュケーションビヨンド


EB's Pilot Program
for Advanced Learners

We are pleased to offer a pilot program for Advanced Learners.
The program will be offered in a hybrid format, connecting instructors in the U.S.
with classrooms in Tokyo via an online connection. (English is the only language offered.)

Current Event

Advanced Learners—Who They Are and What They Need~Answering parents’ and educators’ questions with a Johns Hopkins CTY expert~

DateSunday, October 22nd @ 9am JST ​PlaceOnline ​SpeakerJohns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Dr. Amy SheltonExecutive Director PriceFree <Online Event> Advanced Learner…

Past Events


<Online Event>
Understanding Advanced Learners (AL)
〜with Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth〜

Sunday, June 26, 2022
9:00 - 10:30 am
Admission Free

"My child seems to feel that the lessons at school are not enough for him..."
"My son is a good student, but he is very emotional, and I'm honestly worried about raising him..."
"He doesn't like to stand out, and seems to make mistakes on tests on purpose..."

For those who have such concerns, we have invited experts from Johns Hopkins University in the U.S. to discuss the characteristics of children who are considered "Advanced Learners (AL)," teaching methods for them that are being researched, and how to interact with them to promote their growth by learning their characteristics.


<Online Event>
Information Session of a program
for Advanced Learners
~First pilot program for elementary school children powered by CTY~

Sunday, July 17, 2022 (JST)
Admission Free

Education Beyond plans to pilot the Center for Talented Youth's elementary school program at a venue in Tokyo on weekends from January-March 2023. The program will be open to third- to sixth-grade students with English proficiency.

At this event, in addition to program details, we will explain participation requirements, how to take the test, upcoming schedule, fees and scholarships, and more.


About us


Helping to build a society where advanced learners (AL) can realize their full potential


1.To create a space where Advanced Learners can satisfy their passion for learning
2.To build a collaborative community for the parents and guardians of Advanced Learners to share knowledge and experience
3.To work with teachers to ensure Advanced Learners are identified, understood and supported in schools


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We have a team of about 20 members.
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