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Advanced Learners—Who They Are and What They Need~Answering parents’ and educators’ questions with a Johns Hopkins CTY expert~ - Education Beyond - エデュケーションビヨンド

Sunday, October 22nd @ 9am JST


Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

Dr. Amy Shelton
Executive Director


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Advanced Learners - Who They Are and What They Need

~ Answering parents’ and educators’ questions with a Johns Hopkins CTY expert ~

Have you ever heard of the term “Advanced Learner”? It refers to children who feel school lessons are not challenging enough and instead would like to explore certain topics further on their own.

Education Beyond, an non-profit organization based in Tokyo, is hosting a free online event for parents of "Advanced Learners" and for educators who work with such children on a daily basis.

【Event Details】

◎ About Advanced Learners

  • Their unique characteristics
  • How to interact with them
  • The latest developments in other Advanced countries, and more

EB is inviting a special guest speaker from the renowned Johns Hopkins University's 'Center For Talented Youth,' a renowned authority in 'Gifted Education” globally. CTY has been conducting research on Advanced Learners for over 40 years. Dr. Shelton will provide insights into who Advanced Learners are, how to interact with them, and share the latest developments in the field. Moreover, she will be available to answer your questions in real-time.

【About Education Beyond】

Education Beyond is a non-profit organization where all members are dedicated volunteers. Our mission is “to create a society where Advanced Learners can realize their potential”, and we have three core visions:

  1. Creating a space where Advanced Learners can satisfy their desire for learning
  2. Establishing a collaborative community for parents and guardians of Advanced Learners to share knowledge and experience
  3. Collaborating with teachers and educators to ensure that Advanced Learners are identified, understood, and supported in schools

For detailed information about our activities, please visit our website: [https://education-beyond.org/]

【Introduction of the speaker】

Amy Shelton
Executive Director

Amy Shelton, Ph.D., was appointed CTY’s executive director in October 2022. She leads the center in advancing its vision and brings to the role a thorough understanding of CTY operations, student and family needs and expectations, and a commitment to research and evidence-based teaching and curriculum.

Shelton served as CTY’s senior director for research from 2013-2022. From January 2019 to July 2020, she led CTY in an interim capacity, navigating the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges it posed for CTY, its students, and their families. A professor and associate dean for research in the Johns Hopkins School of Education, Shelton holds joint appointments in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.

Before joining CTY, Shelton was on the Psychological and Brain Sciences faculty at JHU from 2002-13. Her research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience focuses on spatial skills, individual differences, and mechanisms of learning, couched in the broad context of understanding the characterization and needs of each individual learner. She has a track record of publications in major academic journals and grant support. She has an M.A. and Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from Vanderbilt University.

If you are interested in learning more about CTY, please click here.

<Online Event>

Advanced Learners - Who They Are and What They Need

~ Answering parents’ and educators’ questions with a Johns Hopkins CTY expert ~

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